August 28, 2022 to September 1, 2022
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts – SASA
Europe/Belgrade timezone

Slow and fast relaxation times of quantum lattice model with local multi-well potentials: Phenomenological dynamics for $Sn_{2}P_{2}S_{6}$ ferroelectric crystals

Aug 30, 2022, 6:00 PM
1h 30m
Restaurant (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts)


Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Board: S06-CMPSP-203
Poster presentation S06 Condensed Matter Physics and Statistical Physics Poster session


Mr Rıza Erdem (Akdeniz University)


A phenomenological framework for the relaxation dynamics of quantum lattice model with multi-well potentials is given in the case of deformed $Sn_{2}P_{2}S_{6}$ ferroelectric lattice. The framework is based on the combination of statistical equilibrium theory and irreversible thermodynamics. In order to study these dynamics in a connected way we assume that the dipole ordering or polarization ($\eta$) and volume deformation ($u$) can be treated as fluxes and forces in the sense of Onsager theory. From the linear relations between the forces and fluxes the rate equations are derived and characterized by two relaxation times ($\tau_{S}$, $\tau_{F}$) which describe the irreversible process near the equilibrium states. The behaviors of $\tau_{S}$ and $\tau_{F}$ in the vicinity of ferroelectric phase transitions are studied.

Primary authors

Mr Rıza Erdem (Akdeniz University) Mrs Songül Özüm (Hitit University) Mr Nusret Güçlü (Necmettin Erbakan University)

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